African Cultural Policies

Regional Scope

  • Problems and Perspectives, SHC.75/AFRICACULT/3

Country by Country

  • The Cultural Policy of Ghana, National Commission on Culture, 2004 (PDF, 182 kB)
  • Law No 2005-006 on the National Cultural Policy for Socio-economic Development, Madagascar, July 2005
    Available in French only.
  • The Cultural Policy of The Republic of Seychelles, Ministry of Local Government, Sports and Culture, 2004 (PDF, 51 kB)
    Polisi Kiltir Repiblik Sesel, Minister Gouvernman Lokal, Sport ek Kiltir, 2004 (PDF, 49 kB)
    Also available in French.
  • The Uganda National Culture Policy, Final Draft, Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development, Kampala, December 2006 (PDF, 85 kB)
  • Botswana National Policy on Culture, Ministry of Labour and Home Affairs, Department of Culture and Youth, October 2001 (PDF, 85 kB)
  • Unity, Identity and Creativity for Prosperity - Policy on Arts and Culture of the Republic of Namibia, Ministry of Basic Education, Sport and Culture, Windhoek, Namibia, August 2001 (PDF, 666 kB)
  • Mozambique Cultural Policy and Implementation Strategy, Council of Ministers, Resolution No. 12/97, June 1997 (PDF, 45 kB).
    Available in Portuguese only.
  • Cultural Policies in African Member States: Present Situation and Trends, SHC-75/AFRICACULT/4 (24 countries)
  • Situation and Trends of Cultural Policies in the Member States of Africa, CLT/MONDIACULT/REF.1/AFR (28 Sub-Saharan countries)
  • Situation and Trends of Cultural Policies in the Arab Member States, CLT/MONDIACULT/REF.1/ARBR (6 North Africain countries)
  • Guide to Current States and Trends in Cultural Policy and Life in UNESCO Member States: Africa, CULTURELINK, Cultural Policy Databank, 1992
  • Monographies on Cultural Policies in the Member States: African Countries
    Algeria (1977), Cameroon (1975), Egypt (1972), Ghana (1975), Guinea (1979), Kenya (1975), Liberia (1974), Morocco (1981), Nigeria (1972), Senegal (1973), Sierra Leone (1979), Tanzania (1974), Togo (1975), Tunisia (1970), Zaire (1975)

Other Cultural Policies