Objectives and Expected Results


  • To collect, maintain, analyze, disseminate and update information on cultural development and cultural life in Africa within a global context.
  • To serve as a knowledge-based policy analysis mechanism and as a resource centre.
  • To assess policy-development trends in order to establish early warning signs.
  • To mobilize expertise and provide advisory services.

Main Expected Results

  • Production and dissemination of new knowledge on key policy issues.
  • Better incorporation of culture in development programmes.
  • Greater sensitization of decision makers reflected by the incorporation of cultural policies into the development process.
  • The encouragement of states as well as regional or sub regional cooperation in the updating of cultural policies.

Additional Expected Results

  • Cultural policy research enhanced.
  • Best practices documented and shared.
  • Cultural entrepreneurship stimulated.
  • Visibility of arts and culture concerns are enhanced.
  • Public opinion engaged.