OCPA Web Resource Centre Project

As the Observatory was planned as a service-oriented resource centre and a regional coordinating and monitoring body for a network of experts and institutions involved in policy and decision making, cultural administration and management, research and training, the Observatory's regional information gateway function was established through setting up a website, as the most practical and effective instrument for compiling and disseminating information.

The OCPA website was set-up as a key regional resource centre for collecting, processing and analyzing data, as well as disseminating coherent and up-to-date information on the realities, trends, new concepts, challenges, experiences and practice of cultural life and cultural development policies in Africa.

Since its establishment in July 2001, the task of developing, setting-up and hosting, as well as regularly maintaining and updating the OCPA website has been entrusted to Culturelink, the Network of Networks for Research and Cooperation in Cultural Development.

The following OCPA WWW development reports line out the progress made so far: