OCPA Steering Committee Meeting

Nairobi, Kenya, 13 February 2005

The Steering Committee examined and approved the report about the activities realized by the Observatory in 2004, and discussed the draft programme and budget for 2005 to be finalized by the Secretariat in the light of the decisions and recommendations of the meeting.

The meeting also examined the actions required by the establishment of OCPA as an international Pan African non-governmental organization following its official registration (Maputo, 9 December 2004). In this respect it considered in particular:

  • OCPA's administrative structure;
  • the report and recommendations from the Task Force on Cultural Indicators of Development;
  • development partnership and a funding strategy;
  • networking with other African cultural institutions;
  • studies and publications (including the proposal concerning the feasibility of an African Cultural Report);
  • establishment of a technical advisory committee;
  • OCPA's involvement in major cultural conferences and projects foreseen in particular in Africa.

After having reviewed various issues of staff requirements and administrative procedures, the Steering Committee took decisions as to the new composition of the OCPA Secretariat. It appointed Lupwishi Mbuyamba as Executive Director, Máté Kovács as Research Coordinator and Pedro Cossa as Administrative Officer.

For details, please see the Meeting's Final Report (PDF, 319 kB).