Meeting of the Task Force on Cultural Indicators of Development

Nairobi, Kenya, 12 February 2005

The aim of the meeting was to review the activities performed by the Task Force since its establishment in March 2004 on the occasion of the International Seminar held in Maputo (see below) and formulate conclusions and recommendations to be submitted to the subsequent OCPA Steering Committee meeting (see above). The recommendations concerned the following issues:

  • continued co-operation with the Interarts Foundation (Barcelona);
  • establishment of a technical advisory committee based on the experience of the Task Force;
  • participation in important events and projects foreseen by the African Union as well as in the second conference of intellectuals from Africa and the Diaspora (to be held in Brazil) and in the World Cultures Report;
  • feasibility study of an African cultural report and an applied research programme on cultural policies and on the various aspects of the interactions between culture and development in Africa;
  • development of a publication strategy (website, books and reports, CD-ROMs, newsletter, journal, etc.);
  • implementation of capacity building and training programmes;
  • representation with major international bodies such as the African Union, Agence Internationale de la Francophonie, ALECSO, UNESCO and other multilateral and bilateral cooperation agencies.

For details, please see the Meeting's Final Report (PDF, 110 kB).