OCPA Documentation Centre

The Observatory is a service oriented resource centre and a regional coordinating and monitoring body for a network of experts and institutions involved in policy and decision making, cultural administration and management as well as research, training and information.

One of its most important objectives is to collect and make easily accessible all kind of information that may be useful for decision makers, cultural institutions, organizations and networks as well as cultural specialists (researchers, organizers and entrepreneurs) in Africa.

To this effect OCPA is developing various information services, including a documentation centre. To facilitate its development, please

  • send a collection of your available documents and publications to OCPA;
  • put OCPA on your mailing list for the distribution of your publications;
  • include OCPA's e-mail in the distribution list of your electronic bulletins and press releases.

Types of documents expected

  • studies, books, articles,
  • publication lists, catalogues, bibliographies and directories,
  • country reports and papers,
  • research findings and evaluation reports,
  • proceedings of experts' meetings and conferences,
  • statistical reports and data,
  • mission reports,
  • training programmes,
  • documents on national cultural development strategies and programmes,
  • government declarations, resolutions and decisions,
  • co-operation agreements, and
  • standard-setting instruments (declarations, recommendations and conventions).

Fields of interest

  • all sectors of arts and cultural policy, cultural development and cultural co-operation,
  • interactions between culture and the various sectors of socio-economic development, and
  • various aspects of African cultures (languages, religions, history, archaeology, anthropology, etc.) interesting national cultural policies.

Formats and languages

Documents can be sent in printed and/or in electronic version, in English and French, or in Arabic, Portuguese and Swahili.


OCPA Secretariat, c/o Lupwishi Mbuyamba, 11 Rua Comandante Augusto Cardoso, P. O. Box 1207, Maputo, Mozambique; tel: +258 21 301015; fax: +258 21 312272; e-mail: director@ocpanet.org

The documents may also be sent through diplomatic bag services to:
OCPA Secretariat, c/o UNESCO Maputo Office, 515, Av. Friedrich Engels, CP. 1397, Maputo, Mozambique; tel.: +258 21 493 434, fax: +258 21 493 431; e-mail: director@ocpanet.org